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Vortex Eye Cover


The Vortex Eye Cover contains two brand new Vortex cards. It works mainly on the energy field of the mind and therefore is very beneficial for the mindful practice of your choice. Users report the effect of calming the mind and thought patterns as well as the enhanced ability to focus on zestful visions, as it helps to open the third eye through the brow chakra. As a result, its users are more capable of dealing with every day’s stress level.

The intensity of the Vortex Eye Cover accelerates the stilling of the mind process and therefore takes meditations into a state of deep restoration more quickly. This is especially valuable for quick meditations during work breaks or after a yoga/ exercise session, as well as for deep relaxation during your sleep.

Make the Vortex Eye Cover your daily companion, as it is easy to fold, light, and can be used anywhere and anytime.