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Vortex Mat


The Vortex Mat is designed to balance and recharge all the energy fields of the body — such as the chakras,subtle bodies, causal bodies, Merkaba field and the Torus field. The Mat contains 17 vortex cards. These include thesiix Merkaba cards, four Power cards, two Torus cards, Rainbow, Tree of Life, Presence, Small Generator and Restore card. All of these cards have been placed very precisely to create a powerful field of energy that does not depend on where a person lies on the mat.
Furthermore, the Vortex Mat assists with deep relaxation and recharge in the śavāsana yoga pose (lying flat on the back) as well as in sitting meditation

There are four ways of using the mat:

a. Standard Mode: The side with the Life Alignment logo on top has an emotionally uplifting effect. Testimonials report the experience is one of great lightness and strong energy in the body.
b. Grounding Mode: Head opposite from the logo/tab on the same side. The experience is a grounding feeling and being more present.
c. Charge Mode: On the underside side of the mat with the head on the side of the logo. This is used for activating stuck energy relating to internal patterns or blockages. A feeling of being charged with life force is the feedback of users.
d. Relaxation Mode: On the underside side of the mat, the head is placed on
the opposite side of the logo. This mode introduces a feeling of relaxation and supports many users with sleeping disorders, as it is possible to sleep on this side throughout the night.

Long Distance Transformation: The very strong energy field of the mat can be used to great advantage for remote Life Alignment sessions.

Material: Resilient car seat material, polyester.


Dimensions173 x 70 cm  open