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Breath of life Card


Breath of Life Card (Meditation Enhancer)

The Breath of Life card works energetically on a higher dimension of breath.


The Breath of Life card invites a frequency which helps to experience a connection to your higher consciousness. Some people prefer to call it connection to Higher Self, to the Source, Soul, True Self, etc.

On the body, the Breath of Life Card can assist in enhancing the breathing process.
Users experience more advanced meditation practice and a greater connection with the creative part in us. It is often combined with the Air Card (see X) and placed on top of the sternum.


Similar results have been experienced when using the Breath of Life card in a space such as a yoga studio, healing center or in a home environment. The energy of this card is designed to open a connection with a higher energetic dimension to bring a delicate feminine energy into the space. As a result, participants report a greater sense of inspiration and a sense of receiving and expanding.

Dimensions 4 × 4 cm