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Heart Card


Heart Card (Love)

On the body, the Heart card is working on the heart chakra (energy center) to assist in invoking love and to help to bring in increased harmony. As a result, the card promotes vitalising the physical heart. On a more subtle level, the Heart card encourages openness to love and feelings, such as forgiveness, trust and optimism.


As in Feng Shui, Home Alignment (which is an aspect of Life Alignment) works with the premise that each building has a heart center. The Heart card can be used on a building as a whole or for individual rooms. It is placed on the front door frame in combination with the Rainbow card (see Functional card No. 8), or on the door frame of any room.

The Heart card helps to strengthen the Heart Center so that it can act as a positive source of energy for the building. It also works on balancing the masculine and feminine energies of a home.

To locate the Heart Center in your building, please contact a Home Alignment consultant near you.

Dimensions 4 × 4 cm