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Presence Card


Presence Card (Centering)

Most spiritual practices emphasise the importance and power of being present. The Life Alignment and Vortex technology supports this worldview.


The Presence card works on the coherence between body, mind, heart, and spirit and accelerates a state of presence. Within this state of being, we aim to enable you to navigate life from a very connected and powerful place, as well as increase vibrance and connection to the joy of life.

The Presence card works on exactly this effect and is best worn on the body.
The most common applications are the following:
– Placed onto the brow area, people report an increased feeling of awareness and mindfulness
– Placed on the heart area, it may help to raise the feeling of peace and acceptance
– Placed on the navel, it may expand a sense of being centered and aligned


On the front door of a space, the Presence card may help to bring a sense of presence into the space and its occupants.

Dimensions 4 × 4 cm