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Hexagon (Air) Card


Air Card (Oxygenating)

The Air card, in the form of a Hexagon, represents the air element and supports the oxygenation process.


Activating the air element in us aims to boost oxygenation in our blood.
Placed on the top side of the sternum, just underneath the throat, the following benefits have been reported:

– Improved symptoms from airborne allergies
– Enhanced endurance and minimized lactic acid build-up in athletes
– Promotion of self-expression and communication, even singing
– Greater ease of breathing in many people with respiratory challenges

The Air card, like most other Vortex cards, works differently on each individual. You can place the card on your body according to your intuition or you can contact one of our Life Alignment consultants online for guidance.


When placed on the front door of a building or a room, the Air card may improve the quality of the air in that space by oxygenating it as well as lessening the person’s responses to irritants such as dust and pollen. It can also be placed on a fan or air conditioner.

Dimensions 4 × 4 cm