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Mobile Phone Card



The Mobile Phone Protection card works with the understanding that energy can be influenced, and thus energy fields can be transformed from harmful to harmonious.

This card is designed to transform the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones, routers, and wireless devices to be more in harmony with the human energy field.

Studies using the Biofield Viewer, aura photography, and applied kinesiology have demonstrated that a mobile phone, with the Mobile Phone Protection card attached, significantly strengthens the body energetically rather than weakens it.


This card may also be used for devices whose signals are transmitted through the air, such as tablets, Wi-Fi routers, televisions, and other ‘smart’ devices.


The Mobile Phone Protection card is adhered to the back of the phone or between the phone and its case.
Based on this principle, placed on the front door of a space, the Mobile Phone Protection card can help to address radiation from transmitters outside of your own space (for example routers and smart meters of neighbours, etc.) and supports energetic harmonisation of possible negative effects for the whole space and its inhabitants.

Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 cm