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Pentagon (Water) Card


Water Card (Purifying)

The Water card, in the form of a Pentagon, represents the water element.


The human body contains 60% water, on average. Current research demonstrates that water stores memories from old traumas (see studies by Masuru Emoto). The purpose of the Water card on the body is to positively enhance the liquids in the human system. Studies have been done using dark field microscopy to illustrate the effect of the Water card on the blood.. Blood samples were viewed under the dark field microscope before placing the Water card strategically on the body, and samples were viewed after the card was placed. Comparing the samples showed significant improvements in a very short period of time.


According to the groundbreaking studies of Masuru Emoto, water contains stored memories from the past and present. The Water card may be used to balance and energize water and food, helping to energetically neutralize the negative effect of chemicals, preservatives and other pollutants. When placed on a substance, for example under a plate of food, under a bottle of water or on water pipe, tests showthe Water card even enhances the water’s energy energy beyond its original life force. Utilizing the card on our home water supply can help to energetically enhance our drinking water, as well as water used for bathing and showering.

Based on testimonials, here are a few more reposted benefits of the Water card:
● To keep food energized, tests have shown a continuous positive result when placing the card on the fridge (as you would place a magnet on the door) to energetically raise the frequency of food supplements
● To help energetically counteract potential negative reactions to the additives in lotions, shampoos, soaps etc., the Water card can be placed adjacent to these products.

Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 cm