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Small Generator Card


Small Generator Card (Amplification)


The Small Generator is a card containing the same frequencies as the standard Generator card, but with a lower intensity. On the body, it is used in combination with other Vortex cards in order to boost their effects. Life Alignment practitioners utilise the card when helping to energetically counterbalance the negative effects of pollution that the liver has to detoxify.


The Small Generator may be used on ‘smart’ devices with electromagnetic radiation, for example in combination with the Mobile Phone card (Wi-Fi router, PC, tablets, TV, etc).
To assist people who are extremely sensitive to mobile phones, the Small Generator may be added to the Mobile Phone card to energetically support the user. The Small Generator helps to build resilience as our bodies interface with the significant increase in frequency from the technology we carry with us, as well as the increasing influx of frequencies which constantly surround us, including 4G/ 5G technology.


Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 cm