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Square (Fire) Card


Fire Card (Pain Reduction)

The Fire card, in the shape of a square, represents the fire element.


The Fire card works on the premise that a human being is surrounded by a subtle energy field. The fire element works to activate circulation in the body by energising the energy field that surrounds us.

When there is pain, the energy flow is blocked in that area. By putting the Fire card on the painful area, it promotes a release of the blockage (trauma stored in the tissue) to re-open the energy flow, which facilitates the body’s own healing capacity. Many Life Alignment balances over many years have shown that this card works energetically on both physical and emotional pain.

When placed on a joint on the body, many people have experienced increased flexibility as well as effective relief. For example, when placed on a scar, injury, or any other area of discomfort, an accelerated healing process is often reported.


The Fire card may also be utilised when people are sensitive to the radiation of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), geopathic stress, and uncomfortable energies from people and places. It may be worn on the body or placed on electrical appliances.
If you feel unclear about how to use the Fire card and how you can benefit the most according to your individual needs, please contact one of our Life Alignment practitioners online for guidance.

Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 cm