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Triangle (Earth) Card


Earth Card (Grounding)

The Earth card, in the form on a Triangle, represents the earth element.
The Vortex and Life Alignment concept works with the understanding that the energy field of a human being is connected to the energy field of the earth, of animals, of vegetation, etc. This concept is based on the principle of quantum physics:”All there is is energy”.


When placed on the feet, the Earth card has the goal to increase the energy field in that area of the body. When the energy field expands, your personal feeling of being grounded gets promoted. As a result, many people have felt a greater connection with the earth through the use of this card.

When placed on the liver area on the body, the Earth card can help to energetically support the liver’s detoxification process.

The Earth card may be utilised to activate the life force of minerals and vegetables. Tests all over the world have shown profound changes in growth and health when the card has been placed on many types of vegetation.
The mechanism of the Earth card is to infuse the energy field of plants with light and life force, which has been shown to enhance their growth and help them recover from challenges such as moulds, fungus, or mistreatment.
In further experiments utilising the Earth card clients have reported:
– Placed on an indoor plant, it rapidly affects all the plants in the home or office
– With stones, crystals or jewelery, using kinesiology showed the Earth card cleanses them from possible negative energies they have absorbed as a way to reset and reactivate them.
Do you have further ideas or experiences using the Earth card? All Vortex cards show incredible results and increased potential. Please share your experience and “before and after pictures” with us on our blog, social media, or by contacting the Life Alignment community near you.

Dimensions 4 × 4 cm