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Torus Card Set


The Torus Cards are specifically designed for Life Alignment practitioners and those who may be instructed by them.

A Torus is the energetic structure that surrounds polarised magnetic fields such as a bar-magnet, our body and the planet.

The heart is the only organ in the body that has its own torus field. Using the set on the body helps to energetically align the heart torus with the body torus field. The set can also be utilised when working with an injury or pain. Remarkable effects have been reported, ranging from physical relief to emotional upliftment as well as an extraordinary increase in energy.

In a space, the Torus set may be placed along an axis, with two polarities, typically down a hallway or at the extremity of a house/building.

Dimensions 4 × 5 cm

Red Card, Blue Card, Set of two cards, Red Card domed, Blue Card domed, Set of two cards domed